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How Using A Staffing Agency Supercharges Your HR Department

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Managing your business effectively starts with managing human resources.Your HR department is in charge of everything related to your company's most valuable assets: your employees. A competent and professional HR team handles payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, onboarding, recruitment and training, and many other important aspects of the company. The HR department is in charge of finding new employees and taking care of the ones you currently have. Many California businesses are outsourcing their HR department to maximize productivity and minimize overhead costs.

Here are four ways using a staffing agency can supercharge your HR department:

Find High-Quality Talent

One of the primary responsibilities of an HR department is to find motivated, qualified, and job-seeking candidates that are a good fit for your company. While an in-house HR department may have limited access to potential candidates, a staffing agency can look for candidates within their extensive network. This increases your chance of finding high-quality employees that know what they are doing, fit with company culture, and are interested in being part of the team in the long run. When you work with a staffing agency to find full-time, part-time, or even temporary workers, you significantly expand your reach.

Compliance and Risk Management

Your HR department is responsible for being up-to-date on local employment laws and regulations. Their in-depth understanding and knowledge of these legalities are crucial in the flow of your business. Because these laws are always changing, it can be difficult for an in-house HR department to stay current on all of the different legal aspects that impact your employees. When you outsource your HR department, you immediately have access to a competent human resources department that has a genuine and in-depth understanding of all the local employment laws. This eliminates the need to send HR personnel to training and workshops to stay up-to-date on this information. Outsourcing your HR department significantly reduces the chances of being sued by employees for local or federal employment law violations.

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Office Efficiency

Imagine how smoothly things would run in your business if you knew all paperwork and documentation were being handled by a professional. When these time consuming (but necessary) tasks are outsourced, you suddenly have a more efficient workplace and more time to focus on other tasks that contribute to the productivity and growth of your business. Staffing agencies have extensive experience with all kinds of documentation, paperwork processes, and administrative tasks. They usually have a method to complete these things faster and more efficiently than a traditional in-house HR department can. Office efficiency is a significant benefit of outsourcing your HR department.

Access To Innovative HR Technology

Staffing agencies are equipped with innovative tools, technology, and resources to help them improve the way they do their job. And when they are equipped with the resources to be the best in their industry, it allows you to be the best in yours. An in-house HR department may not have access to HR-specific programs and software that helps them seamlessly manage scheduling, payroll, benefits, and employee training. But a staffing agency does. Using a staffing agency means your business has instant access to a team with the latest knowledge and resources to help your company run smoothly.

How Staffing Agencies Help

One of the quickest ways to upset employees and ensure turnover is to run a business with an incompetent HR department. Employees won't stick around and work for a business that makes constant mistakes with payroll, that doesn't handle internal conflict professionally, or that mismanages important aspects like scheduling and benefits. Your company can not afford to spend valuable resources and capital on an internal HR department that does not maximize your company's potential.

Outsourcing your HR department can not only save your company money, but it can also streamline many important aspects of the job and result in more productivity, less turnover, and happier employees. If you want to supercharge your HR department, and in turn, your business, working with an Orange County staffing agency is an easy and cost-effective way to do it.

Contact us today and take the first step to a more effective and productive HR department.

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