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Staffing Agency LA: What to Look For

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When you’re looking for a staffing agency, LA is a tough market to sort through. Everyone wants to come to Los Angeles, and all of those people need jobs. At least until they make it in the movies, right? As a hiring manager, you don’t have time to waste on staffing agencies who can’t cut it. This is what you need to look for in a staffing agency LA has to offer.

Knowledge of Your Field

It’s not too much to ask for a staffing agency to cater to your niche. Whether you’re in the medical field, aerospace, or engineering, you need staff who know your business. A staffing agency has to at least be able to understand the basics. That allows them to separate the good candidates from the rest of the pool.

A Wide Pool of Options

You want your staffing agency to have lots of resources to put at your disposal. You shouldn’t scrape the bottom of their barrel with a request. Find a thriving agency and you’ll always have staff and temps ready and willing to keep the ball rolling at work.

A Staffing Agency Who Seeks to Understand You

Every company is more than the field they work in. There are great employees with lots of skill who wouldn’t do well in a formal office environment, for example. Some people were made to dress like it’s Casual Friday every day. If your office is more traditional, there’s no need to interview someone who wouldn’t thrive in your office. No matter how skilled they are, it’s just a bad match. A good staffing agency will seek to understand more than the role you need filled. They’ll look at the full picture, from what you’re offering, to what your office is like, to what you want in a dream candidate.


At the end of the day, nothing else matters if your staffing agency takes forever to get back to you. Vacancies come and go quickly. Responsiveness is the thing you need most from a staffing agency. LA doesn’t wait.

In a tough place like Los Angeles, a staffing agency has to stand out. They need to respond quickly, understand your big picture, and have knowledge of your field. That allows them to find the right fit for you on your schedule.

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