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Bridging the Gap Between Potential Employers and You

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The increasingly competitive job market presents quite a challenge for today’s job seekers. It’s not as simple as getting your degree and moving right into the perfect job. One thing that has been affecting your ability to find gainful employment is the disconnect between potential employers and job seekers. There are a few things you should keep in mind to bridge the widening gap, and reach your potential employer successfully every time.

Stay Fresh

There is nothing more harmful than appearing out of date to your potential employers. They’re looking for well-rounded employees, whose skills are up to date and can benefit their goals long term. You may have graduated with a specialized degree in your industry but it’s important to keep growing. There’s always room for improvement and continuous personal development is crucial. Not only should you focus on your area of expertise but look ahead and master skills that will be needed in the future. You may already have what a potential employer is looking for, but having that extra something will allow you to bridge the gap and take away any dissonance. You want to show potential employers that you see yourself as an ongoing investment.

Link Up With a Staffing Agency

With all the technological advancements that keep pushing our society forward, the gift of the internet has proven to be an invaluable tool. You can depend on yourself to accomplish a wide variety of things but reaching potential employers might not be one of them. Sites like LinkedIn are great for putting yourself out there; potential employers are able to immediately see who you are and what your credibility is. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to really get your foot in the door. A staffing agency is exactly what you need to eliminate any of the harmful disconnect that has been stopping you from reaching your actual potential. A reputable staffing agency can take things such as your well thought out LinkedIn profile along with the resume you’ve sent to dozens of potential employers and combine them with their extensive networks in your job industry.

Don’t Stress

Finding potential employers and landing your dream job requires hard work and dedication. But, it shouldn’t consume your entire life. Like mentioned before, potential employers are looking for well-rounded employees. They see the importance of you still doing the things you love such as volunteer work, the part- time job you’ve been working at since you graduated, your love for learning languages, all those marathons you trained hard for. They know the perfect candidate is one who is exceptional beyond a resume and who flourishes outside of their job industry. At Great Hire we do everything we possibly can to find your perfect match by minding the gap, so you never have to.

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