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Industrial Maintenance/Mechanic Recruiting

Filling Your Maintenance & Technician Roles In An Industrial Workplace Is Vital To Your Operations. Great Hire Has Qualified Candidates Ready To Present.

  • Vast Pool Of Maintenance Mechanic & Technicians
  • Full Service Recruiting & headhunting
  • Competetive aquisition fee
  • Contingent Fee | If we don't deliver you don't pay

We Can Have A Lead Recruiter Reach Out To You To Discuss Your Requisition & Start Recruiting  Immediately

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You Have Key Positions To Fill | We Can Help

It's a tight labor market and it's taking more resources than ever to succesfully fill positions that are critical to expansion as well

as your normal day to day operations. Great Hire has the skill and knowledge to seek out and nurture the most sought after

candidates to fill your key roles in the Industrial Maintenance Arena

Why Is Great Hire The Best Choice For Your Recruiting Needs?

Flexible Pricing 

How many times have you been contacted by a recruiter only to be told they only work on a fixed percentage of 20% of the candidates annual salary?

At Great Hire we have the flexibility to consider all aspects of the hire ahead of us and can cater a custom pricing solution that is appropriate for the position, industry, and volume of hiring needed.

We’ll make sure you are assigned to a recruiter with an established pool of candidates in the Industrial Maintenance industry. This isn't limited to your traditional maintenance and technician roles. We have access to candidates from labor, to finance, to executive level V.P.'s & C.F.O.'s


Being familiar with the qualifications necessary for your position is key to sending you qualified candidates and minimizing the amount of time you're spending filling these roles.

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We Keep It Simple

We don’t rely heavily on complicated employee model and cost calculators to attempt to automate the fulfillment of your recruiting needs. 


We have developed a simple system that focuses heavily on assessing employee accountability while keeping the process minimal on your end. 

An Increased Pool Of Maintenance Candidates | Active & Passive

Not all candidates are actively searching job boards. Some don't even realize there are better opportunities until you bring it to their attention. Great Hire searches both active and passive Industrial candidates through our own internal database, job boards, and through our recruiting outreach program. 

Maintenance Candidates With The Experience You Need

On Your Crew

  • Maintenance Technicians

  • Maintenance Mechanics

  • Maintenance Supervisors

  • Purchasing Managers

  • Commercial Truck Drivers

  • Shift Leads

  • Mid Management & Executives

We Help Minimize Money Left On The Table Due To Short Staffing

When you have a key Industrial Mechanic or Technician position left open your operation can come to a stand still. In an industrial setting time is money and in this tight labor markey you need a specialist to help you fill these roles quickly and efficiently


Our Industrial Maintenanc Recruitment team continuously nurtures a pool of vetted candidates within the Maintenance Field and are ready to present them upon demand or provide a custom solution that better suits your specific needs.

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The next time you find yourself searching for talent, you don’t have to go it alone.
Great Hire Staffing can take the toughest reqs off your hands,
so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Our Industrial Maintenance Mechanic & Technician Recruiting Methods include  full service "Search To Start" Direct Hire Contingent Payment Terms

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