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Managing Temp Assignments

Temp assignment records are tied to individual candidate records and are used to track the candidates current state of assignment at any given site. Payroll is tasked with entering the Confirmed Start Dates and End Dates for temp assignments and making sure that the Temp Assignment report matches up with our active payroll sheet weekly.

  • Viewing A Temp Assignment Record

Temp Assignment records can be found in the "Related List" bar to the left of a candidate record. Here you can view the details of a Temp Assignment. The recruiter or on-site manager should have already created this record by the time it gets to payroll and a completed Onboard record should be tied to it.

Use the temp assignment status to keep the record up to date and enter pertinent information to coincide with your weekly payroll spreadsheet. 

  • Pull Temp Assignment report to compare to your weekly payroll sheet

You can pull a report from the dashboard view that relates to your position by clicking on that portion of the dashboard. In this view you can pull the temp assignment report that has all active temps assigned to specific sites for the week. Change the status and insert end dates and end reasons when an assignment termination occurs.

Use the filters on the report to filter the results and click on the temp assignment number to edit that specific record.

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