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Charity bohuslavizki

Charity Bohuslavizki | Great Hire | Irvine Capital

charity bohuslavizki

irvine | Founding Shareholder

Founding start up companies with a long term vision can be a rewarding journey. Charity is no stranger to this process, providing capital and launching multiple companies with a clear vision off of the ground is her specialty. Her background in finance lends a strong perspective to newly formed companies in their initial growth phases and lays a solid foundation for the future. A networker at heart, Charity found the staffing space to be a natural extension of other businesses that she has helped grow by leveraging her extensive network of sales, finance, and accounting associates. As Great Hire has become more independent through the formation of a strong management team built over the years she remains an integral part of the long term planning of the company's growth goals.

" I can't say enough about the power of networking. I meet so many interesting people with great business ideas that I am able to be a part of in some capacity. I owe that all to the fact that I am always nurturing my network. I value a good person over a good idea when deciding on whether or not to embark on a new business venture and in the end find that when you genuinely like the people that you are working with you can accomplish more than you could ever imagine together. Great Hire started as a casual conversation that turned into a company that we take great pride in that helps people and their families. It's very rewarding and I am proud of the organization we stand behind today."

Charity Bohuslavizki

A clear and fair vision for making conservative growth decisions and a keen eye for growth opportunities within business niches and markets have rewarded Mrs. Bohuslavizki with a respectable portfolio of well run businesses. As the president of Irvine Capital Group she continues to provide capital and tangible investments into companies that are in their start up and growth phases. Lending this value to Great Hire as a Staffing Firm has proven critical to it's success and growth within the industry.

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