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Andy Bohuslavizki Newport Beach

Andy Bohuslavizki

Andy Bohuslavizki

Irvine | Advisory board
Andy Bohuslavizki | Great Hire Irvine | Digital Marketing

Born and raised in Orange County, Mr. Bohuslavizki brings with him a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of digital workflow and marketing automations. Having an advisory role in corporations across a wide array of industries lends to a versatile range of skills that are an invaluable part of Great Hire's daily operations.

" I believe that with a consistent and tenacious approach to any challenge whether in life or in business we can overcome most any obstacle. We're living in a time where technology is evolving so quickly that our opportunities for innovation and efficiency have become limitless in nature. To the point where the sheer amount of choices are overwhelming at times. Being decisive and action oriented is a key aspect in keeping up with innovation in any market and you can't be afraid of failure. Implementing something and maneuvering your process around these technologies versus trying to find the perfect software or hardware for your companies processes has been a cornerstone for our decision making. The Staffing and Recruiting space is no exception and Great Hire has built an incredible organization by staying on top of evolving technology"

Andy spends his free time with his wife and 5 children in  Orange County, CA. His daughter Chloe is a recent CDM graduate recruited by UNLV for competitive diving on the 1 and 3 meter springboard.

Andy Bohuslavizki Newport Beach
Andy Bohuslavizki | Orange County | Irvine

Andy Bohuslavizki

Through a multi-faceted approach to scaling a business Mr. Bohuslavizki has implemented the same approach into Great Hire's day to day operation and sales marketing workflows. Using a number of different CRM and ATS tools Great Hire has been able to sustain and grow it's Staffing and Recruiting Operations in an efficient and measurable manor.

Most notably, introducing Zoho CRM into Great Hire's Recruiting operations has given a distinct advantage in time to hire and candidate search ability. This has allowed for growth in both the temp staffing and direct hire spaces.

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