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jason bivins

Jason Bivins | Staffing | Great Hire

jason bivins

la mirada | president

Staffing and Recruiting can be a dynamic and ever changing landscape. Having over a decade of experience in this industry has given Mr. Bivins a trove of knowledge in this space and a great understanding of the industry from top to bottom. Client aquisition and team building are his specialties and has given him the foundation necessary to build Great Hire from a small start up into a well respected regional firm that people enjoy working for and with.

" Day to day business, contracts, and paychecks are all paper (or digital paper) transactions. What our society today is losing sight of is that there are people and stories behind each one of these transactions. I truly believe that human interaction is still our most valuable form of communication and one of my core goals is to think about and have candid conversations with the people behind the paper before implementing any business process or procedure. I love the staffing business because it is one that creates a win-win transaction for both the client and the candidate. Knowing that we're helping families while also helping our clients to reach their growth goals is very rewarding for me and what has me hopping out of bed each morning ready to take on the day to help our team make great hire's year in and year out"

Jason Bivins

A people first approach to Great Hire's daily operations has helped Mr. Bivins build a staffing company that is well respected by clients, candidates, and industry professionals alike. This core value carries into all facets of the business and has been the compass for all growth decisions. Mr. Bivins has an end to end understanding of the staffing and recruiting space and lends his wealth of experience to all members of the Great Hire team forming a strong foundation on which to build from.

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