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How Outsourcing To A Recruiter Can Help Your Business

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Building a solid team of employees is critical in productivity and profitability, but it is not always easy. Finding highly qualified employees that share the company’s values can be a full time a job, a job that many business leaders and managers simply do not have the time for. Many businesses choose to outsource a recruiter to reduce cuts, reduce turnover, and find qualified candidates that will help a business grow. Here are four reasons why it makes sense to outsource a recruiter for your business

Reduces Cost

Finding qualified candidates for your business requires advertising, screening processes, and the use of innovative recruiting technology. All of this also involves money. By hiring a recruiter, you pay a flat rate for their services, which is often more affordable (and much less time consuming) than paying for all of these services independently. A recruiter uses all of his/her resources to advertise for, screen, interview, and select highly qualified so that you don’t have to waste time (and money) doing it on your own.

Because a recruiter can make the hiring process more streamlined, it takes less time and costs less money. It eliminates the need to hire multiple people to share the responsibility of recruitment and eliminate delays and duplication of tasks, which in the end costs the company money.

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Improves Company Focus

When a business leader or manager is focusing on recruiting new hires, they are not focusing on the other aspects of the job. A recruiter can dedicate all of their time to marketing, screening and hiring employees so that employers don’t have to. When employers know that the recruiting process is being handled by a professional, they can put their time, focus and energy on key aspects of the job that will move the company forward and allow it to function at its best daily.

An HR department tasked with recruitment can easily become overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that come with hiring. This means they could fall behind on things like payroll, taxes, and in-house conflict management. A company that outsources their recruitment process allows its current employees to do their particular jobs without getting bogged down by the recruitment process.

More Effective Recruiting

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing a recruiter is that is helps establish a lower turnover rate. Thorough and professional recruiting strategies result in hiring high-quality employees that will work well within the company. A company using an in-house recruiter or an HR department for recruiting often hires out of desperation, filling spots regardless of the qualifications of the candidate. An outside recruiter has an extensive network of qualified candidates to choose from, and can quickly and effectively reach out to a broad audience in order to fill spots with qualified candidates.

Reduces Turnover

When a company has a high turnover rate, productivity, profitability, and employee engagement tends to suffer. A better, more thorough recruiting process can ensure that only the best, most highly qualified candidates are chosen for the position, turn-over is reduced. Continually having to find, vet, train, and hire new employees slows down business and makes it harder for a company to feel like a single cohesive unit. Hiring an outside recruiter can be the first step toward a more comprehensive and effective hiring process.

Smaller firms benefit from hiring an outside recruiter because it gives them access to the same pool of candidates that large firms have. A recruiter can quickly help small businesses find the best candidates for the job, which in turn will enable them to grow their key staff in both quantity and quality.

Your business will only grow if it is run by a team of passionate, capable, committed and qualified individuals. But these people are not easy (or cheap) to find, and recruiting them can cost a growing company time and money. Hiring an outside recruiter can help find the right candidates, increase productivity, cut costs, reduce turn over and save time and money all at the same time.

Great Hire provides Direct Hire services, traditionally known as "Recruiting", which includes the filling of immediate permanent positions within and outside of our network of eligible candidates. Usually for high demand or hard to fill positions. Great Hire Recruiters present candidates according to your specifications and once hired are a permanent employee of your organization.


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