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7 Ways To Update Your LinkedIn Profile In Under 5 Minutes

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LinkedIn may not get as much attention or cause as much buzz as its sister social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but it serves a significant purpose for professionals who understand the importance of networking, collaboration and building professional relationships. If you don't have a LinkedIn account yet, make one. And if you do have one, use these seven tips to update your profile so you stand out to potential employers before you send out your resume.

Grab Them With Your Headline

While you may know what skills you bring to the table and why an employer would be lucky to have you on their team, the goal of a LinkedIn profile is to let employers know it as well. They have 260 million profiles to choose from, so how will you make yours stand out? The first thing they'll see is your headline, so that needs to grab their attention.

Instead of "Multi-Skilled Business Professional"

Try "Senior Marketing Manager| ABC Marketing Consultant| Creative Strategist|."

Instead of "Smart, Skillful Leader With Marketing Experience"

Try "SEO Expert | Experience With SEO Consulting | Digital Marketer

And employers are very aware you are "looking for opportunities." If you weren't, you wouldn't be on LinkedIn, so take out "looking for opportunities" in your headline and use that space for something that makes you stand out.

Be clear. Be honest. Be specific.

Update Your Location

Unless you are looking for work where you can work remotely, location matters. If you've moved recently or are looking to move, make sure your LinkedIn profile location matches where you can work. Updating your location lets your professional network know where you are so they can invite you to local events that may interest you.

Be Selective About Your Skills

In an age of innovation and creativity, listing "Facebook" or "GoogleDocs" as some of your endorsed skills isn't helping you. Unless you have experience managing social media platforms (which you could list as social media management), showcasing that you know how to use social media probably won't "wow" potential employees. Order your skills so that the skills most relevant to the job you are seeking are on top. Make sure you're being honest about your skillset, but don't sell yourself short. Include endorsed skills that are easily searchable and help prospective employers learn more about who you are and what you can do.

Update Your Picture

Along with your headline, your profile picture is a significant way employers will identify and remember you. Your profile picture should be clear and not have anyone else in the shot. While professional headshots are never a bad idea, we live in an age where a well thought out photo taken on a smart device will do the trick.

Get Bold With Your Background

While LinkedIn doesn't give you much room to be creative and show off your personality, there is one way to add some of your personality to your profile: your background. This image can help potential employers learn a little more about you at first glance, so what do you want to tell them? Your background should clearly reflect what you do and who you are.

Request Recommendations

You can tell employers how great you are until you're blue in the face, but sometimes it takes the testimonials and recommendations of past employers for them to actually believe it. Don't hesitate to ask previous clients or employers for their feedback and list it on your profile for all to see. Be proud of the work you've done and let the raves and reviews of others speak for themselves. Make a goal to have one recommendation for every role listed on our profile.

Make It Public

An updated LinkedIn profile only works if people can see it. Once you've updated your contact information, location, profile, skills, and added a few recommendations from past employers, set your profile to public. Setting your profile to public will help you appear in online searches and can help you build your extended network more effectively.

3.9% of Californians are unemployed. This means there are thousands of people just like you looking for their dream job, and they are using LinkedIn as a useful and innovative job search tool. Your profile is the only thing employers have to go on when deciding whether or not you are a fit for their company. Your profile should be accurate, professional, and uniquely you.

If your LinkedIn profile is updated and you're still having trouble finding a job in the Orange County area, it may be time to work with a Recruiting Agency that can connect you with employers looking for new employees. With a little patience, and updated social media presence, and a professional nationwide recruiter on your side, you won't be part of the 3.9% for long.

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